• The Centennial Tour – Ride Like An ANZAC!

    The Centennial Tour – Ride Like An ANZAC!

    Join us for a mountain-bike ride that happens once in a century: 100 years, 100 Kilometers in one track that follows the trail used by the ANZAC (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) - כותרת משנה The ANZAC warriors conducted their courageous campaign during WORLD WAR I in the Middle East, during which they conquered the city of Beer Sheba from the Ottoman Empire military forces – in what is considered to be the last cavalry charge in modern history - thus freeing the path for General Allenby's British soldiers to advance to Jerusalem and change the course of history. This coming October will mark 100 years since that heroic battle, and the CENTENNIAL TOUR – Ride Like An ANZAC is among the host of celebratory events designed to commemorate it. This challenging bike ride will be integrated with several colorful and festive events, and will take participants from the Beeri single-track to Beer Sheba Park. The ride is scheduled for October 30-31 with hundreds of mountain-biking enthusiasts from around the world expected to attend. Typical Australian and New Zealand cultural flavor and events, as well as special ceremonies sponsored by the Israeli, Australian and New Zealand governments are planned for that time frame in the Beer Sheba region. Most importantly! The ride is organized by two nonprofit organizations – BUDO FOR PEACE and SHEKEL, and all revenues are for supporting empowerment programs for children with Cancer and people with special needs. So, open you calendars and save the dates for October 30-31 Centennial Tour! Come Ride Like An ANZAC! Please register for the event for further details. Riders can choose from 3 available tour-packages: 1. 2-day (October 30-31) mountain bike ride (total of 100 Km covered) that starts at the ANZAC memorial near Kibbutz Beeri and ends at the Beer Sheba park. • This package includes the night accommodation and the festive dinner event. 2. 1-day (October 30) mountain bike ride - can be either with or without the evening program - full day (52km) or shorter (30km to Park Eshkol). 3. 1-day (October 31) suitable also for families and people with special needs - 16km from Neot Hovav to Park Beer Sheba
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    Events Archive

    2007-2010 Our events in the past
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    Special Events

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  • Community Involvement Projects

    Community Involvement Projects

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  • Peace Camp USA

    Peace Camp USA

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  • National Seminars

    National Seminars

    Each year, BFP runs two regional events (North and South) and one national event. Each event consists of a joint martial arts training session, ice breaking games, and a fun and educational group activity (factory visit, farm tour, Safari, etc)
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  • Young Leaders' Seminars

    Young Leaders' Seminars

    Several times a year, 2 young representatives from BFP clubs across the country gather for an intensive youth leadership seminar which offers educational discussions, leadership workshops, martial arts training sessions and enrichment activities.
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  • Instructors' Seminars

    Instructors' Seminars

    The five-part Budo for Peace Instructors' Course equips our instructors with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to convey our educational curriculum to their students in an intuitive and interactive manner.
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    Upcoming events

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