Our Instructors

All BFP instructors are first and fore mostly educators in addition to being certified and experienced black belt martial artists.

Budo For Peace martial arts instructors, much like their students, come from various backgrounds.

We continue to expand our activities, adding clubs throughout Israel and recruiting additional instructors.

Emanuel Kimyagarov

A level 3 Dan in karate, Emanuel has been with Budo since 2009. Currently, Emanuel is instructing three groups:

Shoshana Integration Center in:

  • Kiryat Gat
  • Kadma Boarding School
  • Darca High School in Kiryat Malachi  

Hazem Abuquader

A level 4 Dan in karate, Hazem has been an instructor with Budo since 2006.

Currently, Hazem instructs in the Abu Quidar dojo.

Nimrod Astel

A level 5 Dan in Karate, Nimrod has been with Budo since 2015.

Nimrod instructs in Beit Hagalgalim in Herzliya, a center for youth with physical disabilities.

Shadya Zuabi

A level 3 Dan in Karate, Shadya has been an integral part of Budo for Peace since 2005, returning as an instructor in 2019.

Shadya instructs a group of girls in the Darca Shibli High School.

Yann Alezra

A level 5 Dan in karate, Yann has been with Budo since 2019.

Yann instructs at the Community Anchor (Ha'Ogen Ha'Kehilati) Boarding School in Be'er Sheva, which is part of the Yachdav Association established in order to improve social services in the southern region of Israel

Mahmod Hgazi

A level 4 Dan in karate, Mahmod has been with Budo for Peace since 2015.

Mahmod instructs two clubs, both in Tamra Community Center and in Darca Shibli High School.