One of the highlights of the Budo for Peace encounter is a non-contact competitive combat competition that allows all levels of competency (including mentally and physically challenged youth) to compete against each other while serving as a platform for constructive, fun, interaction that promotes peace and coexistence.


The competition is based on an innovative technological martial-arts training aid which objectively measures and records real-time data on the athlete’s performance, including response time, stamina, strength and decision making.

  • EDUCATION: Innovative technology which allows for personal and team growth with real-time results.

  • SOCIAL HARMONY: Mixed teams or pairs which encourage interaction and dialogue between diverse communities.

  • INNOVATION: Technology-based league that objectively records and measures real-time data on performance.

  • INCLUSION: The League is accessible to all levels of competency, regardless of gender, age, physical or mental abilities and martial arts styles.