The Budo For Peace tri-lingual educational program is the innovative product of the exciting and fruitful collaboration between martial arts instructors from different ethnic backgrounds and martial arts styles together with leading pedagogic specialists.

Our aim is to encourage moral and normative behavioral values in all aspects of our students lives: on the mat, in the classroom, at home and in their communities. 

The cornerstone of our curriculum is nine chosen Budo values, namely: courtesy, self-control, integrity, humility, harmony, order, responsibility, love for humanity and respect.

Budo is about developing awareness. Our educational program was created to stimulate the instructor’s awareness in the classroom environment and to identify opportunities to teach values to their students. 

So, how does it work?

Each Budo value is accompanied by a bank of creative concepts and diverse activities aimed to guide instructors to grab educational opportunities as they arise and relate them to life outside of the dojo club.

Our clubs meet on a bi-weekly basis for an hour and a half training session which incorporates educational, value-based activities, discussions and games. The designated time-frame of an hour and a half was determined in order to allow for sufficient time to cultivate a significant and meaningful instructor-student relationship which will contribute to the realization of the organization’s noteworthy goals.

Each month is dedicated to a chosen value and after performing the related educational module, the student who epitomizes this virtue is awarded a certificate of excellence in front of his peers. By bringing notions of merit, excellence and distinction to the forefront, we encourage our students to apply these values to their daily lives.