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Budo, consisting of the Japanese words “bu”, meaning warrior, and “do”, meaning path or way, is the Japanese term for the code-of-conduct associated with martial arts for resolving conflict by peaceful means, exercising determination, self-restraint and mutual respect.The foundation of our educational curriculum is found in the values and ethos inherent to traditional forms of martial arts,  including Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kendo and more.

Although these Martial Arts vary greatly in terms of technique, they often share common values and concepts, namely patience, tolerance, harmony, mutual respect, friendship, flexibility, self-restraint in the exertion of force and more.

Our approach is derived from the notion that a person who practices the values of Budo in his daily life becomes a more rounded, balanced and better individual, someone who respects and contributes to his surroundings.
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Building a harmonious Shared Society in Israel and strengthening ties with our neighbors in the Middle East.

Using the platform of sports, particularly traditional martial arts and Budo Values, to create meaningful encounters between all sectors of Israeli society and neighbors in the region.

  • Promote co-existence among the varied sectors in Israeli society
  • Integrate children from immigrant communities
  • Engage youth at-risk
  • Women empowerment
  • Special needs martial-arts therapy 

Since its establishment in 2004, BFP’s programs have impacted thousands of children from diverse cultural, religious, ethnic and socio-economic origins throughout Israel and the Middle East, including refugees in Lesvos, Greece.


Weekly martial arts training sessions focusing on Budo values, developed by pedagogical educators and martial arts teachers

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Social Harmony

Promoting interaction, dialogue and coexistence between the diverse tribes of Israeli society through social encounters and enrichment activities

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Social, non-contact tournaments using a technology based innovative martial arts training aid which objectively measures athletes performance

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