Who We Are

Who We Are

Budo for Peace (BFP) is a registered Israeli educational NPO which uses traditional martial arts to connect and bring together children and youth from diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds. The innovative tri-lingual educational program, developed by pedagogical educators and martial arts teachers, fosters unity, leadership & promotes and instills core values.

BFP tailors it curriculum to promote the following areas:


• Advocating co-existence and dialogue among the varied sectors in Israeli society

• Empowering girls and young women

• Fostering children & youth from immigrant communities (Ethiopian advancement and absorption)

• Engaging at-risk youth


Currently, Budo for Peace operates 3 active martial arts clubs throughout the country for children aged 9-18. Each club meets on a bi-weekly basis for training sessions which incorporate educational activities aimed to promote the founding Budo values, including self control, harmony, responsibility, courtesy, integrity, humility, order and tolerance. In addition, BFP offers culturally-sensitive joint friendship trainings, youth leadership seminars and community involvement activities in order to expose the youth to the multi-faceted sides of Israeli society, equip them with essential life skills and cultivate good citizenship and community involvement.

Budo for Peace has 20 affiliate clubs throughout the country from all sectors (Arab, Jewish, Christian) and many different martial art styles.


What is Budo?


The foundation of our educational curriculum is found in the educational values and ethos inherent to traditional forms of martial arts, otherwise known as “Budo”.


Budo, comprising of the Japanese words “bu”, meaning warrior, and “do”, meaning path or way, is the Japanese term for the code-of-conduct associated with martial arts for resolving conflict by peaceful means, exercising determination, self restraint and mutual respect.

The term Budo accounts for the majority of traditional martial arts forms, including Karate, Judo, Aikido, Kendo and more. Although these Martial Arts vary greatly in terms of technique, they often share common values and concepts, namely patience, tolerance, harmony, mutual respect, friendship, flexibility, self-restraint in the exertion of force and more.

Our approach is derived from the notion that if a person is filled with self-assurance, inner strength and physical and emotional confidence he will not have to resort to violence or force in order to attain his goals. Violence is the way of the weak, so say the renowned Martial Arts Masters. A person who practices the values of Budo in his daily life becomes a more rounded, balanced and better individual, someone who respects and contributes to his surroundings.