September 2012-Generosity & Krav Maga

The next installment in our series of instructors' meetings was held directly after the Holidays, at Hadassah Neurim Youth Aliyah Village. During the course of the meeting, we reiterated our commitment to our educational endeavors by delving into the first chapter of the educational program, which focuses on the value of generosity. Drawing on personal experiences and real-life examples, our enthusiastic instructors shared their ideas and suggestions on how best to implement the current chapter in their training sessions. After challenging ourselves intellectually, Master Uri Refaeli challenged our defensive instincts and kept us on our toes as he led us in a Krav Maga training session which concentrated on how to use sticks as defensive weapons in the event of an attack. We hope that all of our dedicated senseis will continue to join us in future events and will greatly benefit from the bonding and training experiences which await them.