PBS Article 2015


Can People-to-People Initiatives Help Bridge the Israeli/Arab Divide?




Israel welcomes cross border cooperation with Jordan as featured in last month’s PBS newshour.


Imagine Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, together on a beach in the Mediterranean, practicing martial arts, laughing, smiling and enjoying a peaceful friendly morning.  Not often do we read about such things in the news these days. But Budo for Peace, a sports  for peace organization made it a reality. Last month over 200 Karate instructors from all over Israel, Arabs and Jews alike, met on the beach near Tel Aviv, to attend a special training session with the well-known karate master from Jordan, Sensei Emad Khalil.The goal was to promote cooperation and friendship between people through sport. This unique event was organized by Israel based Budo for Peace and the Jordanian based Global Martial Arts for Peace Association.



Budo for Peace (BFP) is a non-profit organization that uses traditional martial arts as a platform to bring together people from conflict areas while promoting mutual respect and cooperation. Budo for Peace connects youths from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds with the goal to teach essential values like self-control, responsibility, and tolerance. These values help garner critical life skills, in order for the youth to become proactive members of society and work towards coexistence.


Promoting social harmony today, building the leaders of tomorrow.

There are numerous SPORT for PEACE organizations that impact thousands of children such as the SOCCER -Peres Center For Peace, BASKETBALL - Peace Players International,  FRISBEE - Ultimate Peace, all featured in the video.

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