Our Target Groups

Our Target Groups

We recognize the immense potential of martial arts and its inherent values to foster personal empowerment among participants.


With this in mind, we have adopted worthy initiatives and target groups, including at-risk youth, new immigrants, women's empowerment and co-existence and dialogue between Arabs and Jews, which aim to  connect and bring together these culturally diverse individuals and groups.


Attuned and sensitive to the unique social, cultural and gender specific needs of each demographic group, we hope to instill in them a sense of self-worth, confidence and social awareness.


We are certain that our concentrated efforts will allow us to continue to infuse our ethos of social responsibility, tolerance and mutual respect into our receptive participants. In addition we strive to develop a rich international network of cultural ambassadors for peace, guided by the collective principles of Budo in hope that this will aid in instituting branches of friendship, collaboration and co-existence in Israel, the Middle East and the world as a whole.


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  • Women's Empowerment

    Women's Empowerment

    Introducing the empowering elements of gender equality inherent to traditional martial arts to women and girls, enabling them to claim their rightful position within their respective communities.
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  • Coexistence & Dialogue

    Coexistence & Dialogue

    Creating opportunities between ethnic minorities to interact in joint friendship training sessions, educational seminars and social activities using martial arts as the catalyst.
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  • Children of Immigrant Communities

    Children of Immigrant Communities

    Facilitating the integration of youth from immigrant communities in Israel with their peers and bridging social & emotional gaps using sport and martial arts as the medium.
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  • Youth At-Risk

    Youth At-Risk

    Enabling troubled youth from low socio-economic backgrounds across diverse ethnic origins to participate in martial arts, maximize their potential and turn their negative energies into positive leadership.
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