Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission & Objectives

Our Mission

The mission of Budo for Peace is to lead, train and educate instructors and students alike, using innovative educational methods based on the traditional martial arts that follow in the spirit of Budo. These revolutionary models will empower participants and will bring together individuals and communities in Israel, the region and around the world.


Our Vision

We envision Budo for Peace to serve as a leading global educational influence, that inspires and empowers individuals and organizations in Israel and worldwide. This will be accomplished by committed professional instructors and young leaders who believe in the universal values of Budo and partake in this innovative and creative educational process.



To educate and instill in youth the behavioral values of tolerance, mutual respect and harmony both within themselves as well as with their neighbors and surroundings by means of traditional martial arts training and by internalizing the inherent ideals of Budo.


Secondary Objectives

The founding and development of a rich international network of cultural ambassadors for peace, guided by the collective principles of Budo. The meritorious contributions and ventures of this network of like-minded people will aid in instituting branches of friendship, collaboration and co-existence in Israel, the Middle East and the world as a whole.