Our Educational Program

Our Educational Program

The Budo For Peace tri-lingual educational program is the innovative product of the exciting and fruitful collaboration between martial arts instructors from different ethnic backgrounds and martial arts styles together with leading pedagogic specialists.


The aim of the program is to encourage moral and normative behavioral values in all spheres of our students lives: on the mat, in the classroom, at home and in their communities. We strive to teach the  youth to follow the “do”, the way of life outlined by our nine core values, by translating the martial arts philosophy into everyday situations and experiences.


The pioneers of the program example the essence of this undertaking. "The kids come to these activities to learn martial arts, to enhance their strength and become less vulnerable; they marvel in and are attracted to the East and its teachings, to the discipline, beauty and aesthetic nature which are expressed through them. We on the other hand, we wish to teach them a way of life. In order to succeed, we need to cloak these fundamental values and ethics under the veil of physical training in a way in which they will soak in both essential elements at once.... We mask it in sugary delights, in the form of martial arts training, techniques, fun, trips and seminars, in this manner we ease the 'swallowing of the pill' and help to develop a better way of life."


The cornerstone of our curriculum are nine chosen Budo values, namely courtesy, self-control, integrity, humility, harmony, order, responsibility, love for humanity and respect.


So, how does it work?


Each of our clubs meet on a bi-weekly basis for an hour and a half training session which incorporates educational, value-based activities, discussions and games. The designated timeframe of an hour and a half was determined in order to allow for sufficient time to cultivate a significant and meaningful instructor-student relationship which will contribute to the realization of the organization’s noteworthy goals.

The curriculum is based on the implementation of a series of educational modules in two ways: premeditated and impromptu.


  • The predetermined method: The instructor plans up to three “educational interventions” of five to seven minutes each at various stages of the training session. These interventions are based on a collection of suggested games and activities which the instructor incorporates at a pre-decided point of the lesson. These pre-planned educational interventions may be directly connected to one of the core Budo values or may be influenced by current events, namely, the “Day for the elimination of violence against women”, “Children’s Day” and more. 

Sample educational chapter on the value of Order

  • The impromptu method: If an educational opportunity arises (a student shoves his peer, “fakes” an exercise, or a problem or setback surfaces during the any stage of the training), the instructor is trained to identify this opportunity, pause the lesson and explain to his students how this incident may be associated with a given value. This may be done in the form of a game, discussion or any other activity he has at his disposal, from his personal experience as an instructor or from the array of activities we have provided him.  

Budo is about developing awareness. Our educational program was created to stimulate the instructor’s awareness in the classroom environment and to identify opportunities to teach values to their students. 

Each Budo value is accompanied by a bank of creative concepts and diverse activities aimed to guide instructors to grab educational opportunities as they arise and relate them to life outside of the dojo club.


Each month is dedicated to a chosen value and after performing the related educational module, the student who epitomizes this virtue is awarded a certificate of excellence in front of his peers. By bringing notions of merit, excellence and distinction to the forefront, we encourage our students to apply these values to their daily lives.


We are proud of our unique growing body of knowledge in the field of education & martial arts. Take a look at our wealth of materials including articles, lesson plans and additional publications.


Our Instructors


All BFP instructors are first and fore mostly educators in addition to being certified and experienced black belt martial artists.


All of our instructors are required to graduate from our pioneering BFP Instructor’s Course and to participate in enrichment seminars which take place throughout the year. These seminars are designed to clarify and emphasize our educational approach, to benefit from the vast collective experience of our instructors and to develop a reciprocal growing body of knowledge in the field of education & martial arts.


Each seminar is an enriching and enlightening experience, in which all of the materials, be they lesson plans, articles or additional publications, are shared and discussed in depth in order to allow open access to the wealth of professional, practical and theoretical knowledge and expertise we have to offer.