Middle East Peace Run with Pat Farmer

Middle East Peace Run with Pat Farmer

Middle East Peace Run with Pat Farmer



To create a 20 day run from Lebanon, Jordan, Israel and West bank (Palestine) that kids and adults will have the opportunity to run for peace with the greatest ultra-marathon runner in the world.

Pat Farmer – An Australian ultra marathon runner (former federal Member of Parliament) who completed the greatest run on earth in 2012 from the North to South Pole ( poletopolerun.com/) will run in the middle east for the first time. There will be a PR campaign where Pat runs through 4 countries with runners from different nationalities and different communities. The last day will end up in Jerusalem.



a) To inspire and strengthen the resolve of Jewish and Arab people who want peace by showing one man’s effort to overcome obstacles.
b) To bring together sport and peace NGOs for one Sport for Peace event.
c) To promote the positive values of sport – Sport empowers children and teaches values of inclusiveness, tolerance, responsibility and non-violence.
d) To show the unique and beautiful tourist attractions of these 4 countries – there will be a documentary film crew with regular TV feed on the route.

THE ROUTE. 1600 km – 4 countries

1)Lebanon - Cedars of Lebanon - Tripoli - Beirut
2) Jordan – from Aman – Petra - Aqaba
3) Israel - Eilat- Mitzpe ramon – Beersheva – Sderot – Ashkelon - Tel-Aviv-Yafo – Netanya – Caesarea – Haifa - Akko - Nazareth - Afula
4) West Bank – Nablus- Rawabi - Ramala - Bethlehem
Ends in Jerusalem

The run is planned to allow different segments of society to run with Pat Farmer including Israeli (Bedouin, Jewish, Druze, Ethiopians) and Palestinians (Muslim and Christian) and Jordanians. The participation of a hundreds of athletes from a variety of Sports and Peace NGOs will represent sports such as football, tennis, basketball, judo, karate and taekwondo is planned.

THE DATE: 1-20 May 2014

SUPPORTERS TO DATE- the Australian government, Governments of Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan . Individuals from local Jewish Christian and Muslim communities in Australia and Israel, Sharon Davson http://davsonarts.com.au -a famous Australian artist ( who will exhibit her art in Jerusalem), an Australian vitamin company and Budo for Peace org.




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