Budo for Peace 2016 Activities




Taglit Visits Bedouin Village Abu Kweder - January 11 2016

A Taglit group from Argentina visited our Budo for Peace club in Abu Kweder to take part in a joint training with Bedouin children. The training was led by sensei Hazem Abu Kweder.



Four Day Volunteering Trip Across Israel- February 3-6 2016

Between February 3rd and February 6th 2016, Budo for Peace took 10 international students from EMIS (Eastern Mediterranean International School) on a four day trip around the country aimed to expose them to different groups and cultures in Israeli society.They volunteered in an absorption center for Ethiopian migrants in Kiriyat Gat, spent the night in the Bedouin village Abu Kweder (stayed with host families and volunteered in the village's school), met Jewish youth from Raanana and volunteered in an English school (Q-School) in the Arab Israeli city Tira. The trip was led by Anat Peled, Budo for Peace's Project Manager.




Sensei Sempai Seminar 2016- February 11 2016

Our winter seminar took place on February 11th at Kfar Hayarok. The event brought together Martial artists from all over Israel, Jews, Muslims and Christians and several newbies. The theme of the seminar was "The Educational Opportunity in martial Arts Classes".
We want to thank everyone who took part in the seminar!



Budo for Peace Mission to Jordan- March 3-5 2016

Between March 3rd-5th a Budo for Peace delegation traveled to Amman Jordan for a joint training at JKA Jordan dojo with Emad Khalil Sensei and his students. The delegation included sensei Robeen Arkia, Budo for Peace's Cheif Operation Manager, Anat Peled, Budo for Peace's Project manager, Paul Hakim, BFP board member, sensei Hazem Abu Kweder, sensei Abed Elkarim Amar, Karam Arkia, Reem Zitawe and Marwa Amara.



Diplomacy Program visits Abu Kweder - March 21 2016

On March 21 2016 Argov Fellows Idc Herzliya visited the Unrecognized village Abu Kweder. They toured the local school "Nave Midbar" and visited the Budo for Peace karate club led by sensei Hazem Abo Kweder. They then stopped for a Q&A with Hazem and his wife Hanan on Bedouin society.



ALLMEP (Alliance for Middle East Peace) Fair 2016

Budo for Peace took part in The Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) community graduate fair in the YMCA in jerusalem.
The fair brought together more than 50 non-profits that are dedicated to promoting peace through sport, language, art and more.



Mideast Martial Arts Friendship Training 2016 - May 18 2016

Budo for Peace's second annual beach training took place on May 18 2016 with a delegation from Jordan, Japan and Senegal.
Special guests included the mayor of Herzliya Moshe Fadlon and the ambassador of Japan in Israel HE Koji Tomita. Check out this video summary of the exciting event.




2nd International Desert seminar in Abu Kweder - May 19-20 2016

Between May 19-20 2016 Budo for Peace had its 2nd international Abu Kweder seminar with guest instructors from Jordan, Japan and Senegal. Martial Arts instructors and students from across Israel--Jews, Muslims and Christians came to the small Bedouin village to train as one. The seminar included a sunset training, dinner, a bonfire and "hafla" (party), a drumming workshop, a sunrise training, breakfast and an educational workshop. See this short video summary of the seminar. Also check out this video from the seminar of Danny Hakim, founder of BFP surprising sensei Hazem Abu Kweder with a new black belt from Japan.