Affiliate Clubs

KiAi means unifying energy in Japanese.

KiAi Clubs are existing, independent martial arts clubs whose instructors believe in the Budo values and the mission of Budo for Peace. They want to join the BFP community without losing the independent character of their club.  KiAi Club instructor want to encourage their students to learn and experience coexistence.  They believe that involvement in BFP activities is an ideal way of doing just that.

KiAi Clubs are completely financially independent of Budo for Peace.  KiAi instructors and young leaders participate in all BFP seminars at no cost.  Just like BFP clubs, KiAi clubs teach the educational program, focused on instructing the values of respect, self control, tolerance and non-violence to their students.

KiAi Clubs participate in all BFP regional and national events at a minimal student fee. Each KiAi Club receives another nearby KiAi Club as its "Twin Dojo" for joint trainings and social activities.