Jisr Azarka

Jisr Azarka is an Arab community situated on the northern Mediterranean coast, just north of Caesarea.  It is the only Arab town in Israel located directly on the Sea's coast. Most of its residents are descendants of families brought to Israel from Egypt and Sudan to work for the Rothschild Family in nearby Zichron Yaakov. 


Opened in December 2009 in the Jisr Azarka Community Center with  the help of the Edmond and Nadine de Rothschild Foundation.  Due to the club's success in improving academic achievement and high local demand, the Jisr Azarka asked for funding to open a second club. The club opened its doors in late 2011.

Abed Elkareem Amar

Gōjū-ryū Karate, Dan 2

Muslim Arab
13 boys and 17 girls aged 7-12.


Twinned club:
Or Akiva
The 2nd club will be paired with Caesara.