Instructors' Course

Instructors' Course

Budo for Peace has recently concluded its first Instructors'  Training Course for current BFP instructors.


Mansur Abu Hussein, a BFP instructor from El B'Tuf, summed up his reflections regarding the innovative training program. "We are the pioneers of Budo for Peace. Together we are creating the  language of "Budo", a language based on personal and collective experience. Together we are creating an encyclopedia of value-based activities which will be at the disposal of all BFP instructors, present and future".


The five-part Budo for Peace Instructors' Course equips our instructors with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to convey our educational curriculum to their students in an intuitive and interactive manner. Moreover, it trains the instructors to identify various occurrences and interactions which arise during the course of the lesson as educational opportunities and provides them with the tools needed to connect this educational interventions to one of the Budo values central to our mission.


"Education in general is based by large on technique, but just as much on intuition and instinct. An abundance of material has been written on accepted teaching techniques but very little may be found on the inner processes of educators' intuition".


The BFP Instructors' Course fills this void. "The ability to identify an educational opportunity and to find the appropriate solution at the appropriate time is an essential skill for all educators, especially those determined to influence the behavioral patterns of today's youth. This is one of the fundamental skills of a Budo for Peace instructor...The true artistry of a BFP martial artist is not in his technique, but rather in his ability to gently waltz between his role as moral educator and master of technique and form".


Each installment of the course is designed to shed light on and emphasize our educational approach, to benefit from the vast collective experience of our instructors and to develop a reciprocal growing body of knowledge in the field of education in martial arts.


Uri Refaeli, a veteran Krav Maga instructor, echoed Mansur's sentiment regarding the course's contribution to his instructional outlook. "I have been  teaching and training for over 30 years, I'm a graduate of quite a few martial arts and instructors courses, but I have to admit that each session of this course has taught me something new, has provided me with a new insight and way of thinking. So, I'm sure that younger instructors new to the field can also gain immensely from this program".


In the future, we aim to gain academic accreditation for the course which will only serve to enhance its importance and prestige. Following the development of the Instructors' Course, we will launch a similar course for Sempais (Young Leaders) as well as for international instructors from affiliate clubs around the globe.


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    BFP Instructors' Course
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