This Budo for Peace affiliate dojo is located in Perpignan, a city in the Southern section of France close to the Spanish border.

Kyudokan France joined Budo for Peace as an affiliate club in 2011. It was one of our first international clubs that developed out of a personal relationship established at the Budo University in Japan. Sensei Patrick Rault, the head instructor at Kyudokan, and Sensei Danny Hakim, BFP’s founder, became friends during their time studying together in the 1990s.

The Kyudokan Club teaches inside local elementary and middle schools, and runs seminars at various karate dojos throughout Southern France. Additionally, classes run for children as young as four and for adults from beginners to experienced martial artists. Among the club’s students include a mix of French nationals with a large population of Muslim immigrants who make up approximately 70% of the karate school’s young students.

Budo for Peace’s educational program and focus on use of budo values to promote tolerance and respect between different communities fits into Sensei Rault’s perception of martial arts practice and its ability to impact behavioral conduct.

Sensei Patrick Rault
- 7th Dan, Okinawa Shorin ryu Karate do Kyudokan and head representative of Kyudokan France under Master Minoru Higa
- 2nd Dan, Okinawa Kobudo
- 8 years training, Japanese Calligraphy
- 10 years training, Budo University in Katsuura, Japan

Adults and children ranging from 4 years old and up.
Approximately 50 children and 40 adults, both male and female.
70% of the school-age students are Muslim; the rest are French nationals.

Sensei Patrick Rault also serves as the Budo for Peace representative to all French-speaking countries.

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