Diplomatic Spouse's Club Israel Benefit Gala

Diplomatic Spouse's Club Israel Benefit Gala

"Building Bridges with Budo for Peace"

19 May 2013


"Every summer has a story"


We are delighted to present you with the "Building Bridges with Budo for Peace" Fundraising Event which was hosted by the Diplomatic Spouses Club Israel (DSCI) in Kfar Shmaryahu in May. With the help of the dedicated support and assistance of the Diplomatic Spouses Club Israel we successfully raised 150,000 NIS which were used to fund our annual Budo for Peace National Summer Camp. As a result of the evening's success, the story of the summer of 2013 will surely be a cherished one for all of our BFP youth.

The DSCI is committed to promoting enriching and motivating initiatives and associations which reflect and advance the various social sectors in Israel. Each year the club carefully selects a project or organization which inspires them and hosts an annual charity event on their behalf.

This year, the DSCI hosted a sensational fundraising gala event for the benefit of Budo for Peace. Eden Goldberger, President of DSCI, says that Budo for Peace manifests the values that it's members and their countries cherish, like coexistence, women's empowerment, self confidence and self-discipline.  The DSCI Charity Committee was inspired by the stories of the children participating in Budo for Peace and was happy to support an organization that makes a difference in the lives of children and young adults now, and paves the way for a better future. We are truly honored to have the opportunity to share our vision with and gain awareness among like-minded individuals who uphold the values dear to our hearts.

The engaging event included entertaining demonstrations and performances by the representatives of several of our clubs who exhibit the diverse social character of Budo for Peace, including young Bedouins, Arabs, Jews, Ethiopian new immigrants and young women. In addition, the audience was wowed by the artistic craftsmanship of a Japanese calligrapher followed by a spectacular routine by a traditional Japanese swordsman who used his sword to mimic the movements of the calligrapher’s brush strokes. This show-stopping finale poetically symbolized the fundamental connection between Budo for Peace and our educational core. The audience had the opportunity to enjoy the vocal talents of the Dov Hoz Vocal Group as well as of the 2013 winner of “The Voice”, Lina Makhoul. As a successful  & empowered young Arab women who serves as a role model to others, we felt it appropriate for her to share the stage with Budo for Peace youngsters who may be motivated by her symbolic achievements.

The performance was be followed by a silent auction, nestled in the courtyard, and featuring the live music of the Gilad Chazav Jazz Trio. With Pesach and spring cleaning behind us, the silent auction offered our supporters the perfect opportunity to donate those items which you have dug out from the back of your closets to a very worthy cause.  In addition, raffle tickets for an exciting range of prizes were sold prior to and during the course of the event.

All proceeds from the event were be used to support the annual Budo for Peace nation-wide Summer Camp held in the Hadassa Neurim Youth Village at the start of July. This multi-ethnic two-day encounter served as the highlight of our yearly activities and served as the ultimate expression of social harmony between the different sectors in Israeli and regional society, reminding us that laughter, similar to sport, is a universal language which connects us all. For a glimpse into this year's unforgettable Summer Camp please click here.


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Opening Remarks:

Budo for Peace Founder & Chairman, Danny Hakim, talks about his inspiration for founding Budo for Peace, the vision and mission of the educational organization and his love and passion for bringing together youth and communities through the universal language of sport.



DSCI-Budo for Peace Benefit Gala 2013: Dov Hoz Vocal Group- What a wonderful world




DSCI-Budo for Peace Benefit Gala 2013: Finale- Shir La'Ahava (Yahad) by Dov Hoz Vocal Group:




DSCI-Budo for Peace Benefit Gala 2013: BFP Ma'ale Iron Club Kata Demonstration:




DSCI-Budo for Peace Benefit Gala 2013: Japanese Calligraphy Performance by Kazuo Ishii:




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  1. Lod, El Razi Elementary School

    Lod, El Razi Elementary School
  2. Blind Kata-Lod, El Razi School

    Blind Kata-Lod, El Razi School
  3. Kiryat Gat Club

    Kiryat Gat Club
  4. Kiryat Gat Club

    Kiryat Gat Club
  5. Ma'ale Iron & Baka Al Garbia

    Ma'ale Iron & Baka Al Garbia
  6. Ma'ale Iron & Baka Al Garbia Club

    Ma'ale Iron & Baka Al Garbia Club
  7. Abu Kweidar Club

    Abu Kweidar Club
  8. Audience Participation

    Audience Participation
  9. Audience Participation

    Audience Participation
  10. Audience Participation

    Audience Participation
  11. Uri Wolff & Rubin Arkia

    Uri Wolff & Rubin Arkia
  12. Multi-cultural Kata

    Multi-cultural Kata
  13. Danny Hakim

    Danny Hakim
  14. Kazuo Ishii

    Kazuo Ishii
  15. Takanori Kawaharada

    Takanori Kawaharada
  16. Takanori Kawaharada

    Takanori Kawaharada
  17. Lina Makhoul

    Lina Makhoul
  18. Dov Hoz Vocal Group

    Dov Hoz Vocal Group
  19. Eden Goldberger, President DSCI

    Eden Goldberger, President DSCI
  20. Silent Auction

    Silent Auction
  21. Gilad Chazav Jazz Trio

    Gilad Chazav Jazz Trio