Coexistence & Dialogue

Budo for Peace provides a neutral, educational platform to facilitate inter-faith cross cultural acceptance for children growing up in conflict areas embedded with distrust and prejudice. 


In addition to the stimulating bi-weekly training sessions, regular meetings and joint friendship encounters are held between the different demographic groups (religious and secular, Jews, Christians, Arabs, Druze, Bedouin, veteran Israelis and new immigrants, boys and girls) which integrate interactive games and activities, energizing joint training sessions, community service, trips and cultural pursuits.


As the BFP program aspires to cultivate the youngsters into productive members of their communities and mentors for others, our clubs organize and participate in a wide range of civic responsibility projects with their local communities.


These cross-cultural channels of communication reach beyond the politically charged Arab-Jewish training sessions and foster social integration, peace and tolerance.


The project benefits these children by:


  • Bridging social and cultural differences  by wearing the  same uniform, practicing the same  exercises and using the same language.
  • Offering a release from anger and frustration
  • Focusing their energies towards positive social encounters  
  • Advocating inter-religious and inter-ethnic understanding and promoting mutual respect