Children of Immigrant Communities

Aliyah (immigration to Israel) is by no means an easy feat.

The upheaval and relocation to unfamiliar surroundings, heighten by the foreignness of a culture, mentality and language, gives rise to numerous challenges and obstacles.


The burdens of integration into Israeli society are compounded for Ethiopian immigrant families who struggle to adapt to their new home. A recent State Comptroller Report points to a litany of social speed bumps unique to immigrants from Ethiopia, such as higher rates of poverty and unemployment and a lack of higher education.

Our educational program, intended for children of immigrant communities, mostly from Ethiopian origins, strives to respond to these trends of school absenteeism, low school grades and difficulty integrating into their social peer group.

Joining a BFP martial arts group will grant them self-confidence, a solid group identity and will help them to channel their energies into productive purposes.  

The project benefits these children by:

  • Facilitating their  integration into Israeli society through joint club training sessions
  • Bridging the social and emotional gaps by wearing the  same uniform, practicing the same  exercises, working in pairs and in groups
  • Improving their self-confidence within socially cohesive groups
  • Fostering understanding, tolerance, mutual respect and taking responsibility