Awassa, Ethiopia

The Awassa Peace Dojo opened its doors in East Africa in 2006. It was founded as a member of AikiExtensions, a non-profit umbrella organization based in the United States.

The Awassa Peace Dojo teaches Aikido to both youth and adults.  Aikido is taught as both a physical activity and as a means of teaching conflict resolution and non-violent communication.  The instruction focuses on mutual respect, negotiation, mediation and peace-building.

Students are asked to spread what they've learned within the community-at-large.  The approach is to build peace through the local children and adults. The Awassa Peace Dojo hopes to spread its message for peace by opening more dojos in Africa in the future.

Demelash Desta, Aikido Instructor

12 girls and 23 boys, aged 4-22.
Student numbers are expected to increase by 60% during school breaks.
Club includes children from over 10 ethnic tribes and 4 different religions.

Ten classes are taught a week. Classes take place during all seven days of the week. 

BFP Affiliation:
The Awassa Peace Dojo joined BFP as an Affiliate Club in 2011.

To learn more, visit the Awassa Peace Dojo website.