Abu Kweder

Abu Kweder is a small Bedouin village near the city of Dimona in the Negev Desert; the community is unrecognized by the Israeli government. It has population of 3,000 Bedouin citizens. Abu Quidar does not have a consistent supply of electricity or water.

The Abu Kweder dojo has been running karate classes for 12-17 year old students since 2006.  Due to the success and high demand for BFP's classes in the village, a second club for your students was added in 2009.

The Abu Kweder dojo practices inside a concrete construction built by BFP instructor, Hazem Abu Kweder.  Each club boasts a mix of male and female students.


Hazem Abu Kweder
Shotokan Karate, Dan 4.
17 years of experience including:
  Silver medal, Israeli National Championship 1998
  Silver medal, ASA Championship 2004


Muslim Bedouins
Older group: 14 boys and girls grades 6 through 8.

Younger group: 10 boys and 8 girls aged 9 through 11


Twinned club
Kiryat Gat




A video about the Dojo in Abu Kweder - JPostTV: Champion of the Desert