Evaluation & Assessment Process

Evaluation & Assessment Process

"To know where you are going, you have to know from where you have come"

These famous words have fashioned the outlooks and actions of many and we at Budo for Peace are no exception.

Together with an experienced external evaluation team, headed by Dr. Irit Diamant, we have began an in-depth research and assessment process designed to accurately measure the impacts and success of our educational program. The thorough evaluation is multi-fold and will indicate the systematic behavioral and cognitive changes in our students and instructors, as well as our effect on the outer circle of participants, namely our partners, parents and teaching staff who are indirectly exposed to the outcomes of our curriculum.

We have currently concluded the first round of data gathering, in the form of questionnaires on the topics of self-image and perception, from a sample of our clubs across the country. The sampled clubs reflect the rich diversity of our organization and take into account the variables of gender, age, religion and geographic location unique to Budo for Peace. These participants include Arab youth from Lod, Jisr A-zarka and El-B'Tuf, Bedouin students from the southern village of Abu Kweidar, Jewish girls and boys at risk from Tel-Aviv and Givat Olga and Ethiopian immigrants from Kiryat Haim, as well as Druze youngsters from Yannuch in the north of the country. 

By examining the children's sense of self and monitoring their perceptions of self-worth and self-control at two essential stages in their learning curve, at the start and end of our activity and interactions, we hope to assess and attest to the extent of the influence of our program on their behavior and character. We are determined to use the results of this assessment as the foundation for future improvement, as a catalyst to enhance our impact on our members and as a means to determine how to effectively fulfill a mission in a meaningful manner.       

We would like to thank all of the participating clubs for their cooperation and enthusiasm and look forward to sharing the outcomes of the assessment with you in the near future.