1st Sensei-Sempai Seminar for 2014

Budo for Peace held its 1st Sensei-Sempai Seminar for the year 2014.

The theme of this seminar was "The Qualities of the Sempai"

The seminar took place in Kfar Onim in Kfar-Saba on Friday, January 17th 2014




Sensei Robeen Arkia from Baka el Garabia and his students from 4 different Dojos.
• Sensei Hazem Abu Quidar and his students from Abu Quidar village
• Sensei Emanuel Kimiagrov from Kiryat Gat and his students
• Sensei Abed Amar from Jisr Azarka and his students
• Sensei Moshe Gavri from Pardes Hana
• Sensei Mansur Abu Hussein from El Batuf and his students
• Students from Kfar Yasif (Hanna Jiryis Dojo)

Mr. Danny Hakim, the founder of the Budo for Peace, opened the seminar with greetings and explanation on the meaning of the BFP's symbol which unifies the qualities of being strong as a rock on the one hand and being flexible as water on the other hand.

Sensei Arkia Robeen continued with presenting BFP's program for 2014, as this is the year of the sempai in BFP, and talked about the importance of the sempai in delivering our new program.


Sensei in Action:

The different masters also gave a short introduction on martial arts:

  • Moshe Gavri, master of Krav Maga, introduced the background of krav maga and demonstrated how to be released from difficult situations.

  • Mansur Abu Hussien, master of Kimpo, talked about the importance of harmony and coordination with your partner and the importance of harmony in achieving one's goals.

  • Abed Amar, master of Karate Gojoryu, demonstrated how to get away from your opponent, without using force to defend ourselves.

  • Emanuel Kimiagrov, master of Karate Shotokan, demonstrated balance and concentration and talked about the importance of focus in what we do in order to succeed.

  • Hazem Abu Quidar, master of Karate Shotokan, talked about the importance of the basis and demonstrated physical training to support it.


Semapi in action: 

Sempai Arkia Sanad & Sempai Arkia Karem presented "self control in martial arts"
They explained the importance of self control – controlling emotions, behavior, situations and how to be patient and accept the other although our difference in opinions.


Educational workshop - The qualities of the sempai – group activity & discussion:

The qualities chosen by the students were: 

  • Responsible

  • Patient

  • Social

  • Role-model

  • Good Appearance

  • Humble

  • Initiative

  • To Help others

  • Self-Control

  • To Accept the other

  • Respectful

  • Good Listener

  • Loved by others

  • Considerate

  • Trust worthy